Title Anti-Electra
Subtitle The Radical Totem of the Girl
Author Elisabeth von Samsonow
ISBN 9781517907136
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Publishing year 2019
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A close examination of the relationship between media, art, and the “Electra complex”

The feminist counterpart to Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus, Anti-Electra is a philosophy of “the girl” as a model of contemporary transgressive subjectivity. Elisabeth von Samsonow asserts that focusing on the girl’s escape from the Oedipus complex leads to a fundamental shift in our most common views on media and art.

Presenting an interpretation of contemporary technics, Anti-Electra argues that technology today encompasses Electra’s gadgets and toys. According to von Samsonow, satellite drive technologies such as wireless telephones, WLAN, and GPS echo the “preoedipal constellation” that the girl specializes in. And with the help of the girl, the cartography of overlapping zones between humankind and animals, as well as between humankind and apparatuses, is redesigned through what the book holds as a “radical totemism.” Anti-Electra ultimately offers a new view on gender, the contemporary world dyed by symbolic girlism, and the (universal) girl in critical dialogue with media, ecology, and society.



Preface to the English Language Edition



Part 1: Electra as Female “Oedipus”

Chapter 1. Positive Unrelatedness and Exogamy

Chapter 2.  Constitutive Strangeness or Primary Exoticism

Chapter 3. Schizogamy

Chapter 4. Xenological Anamnesis

Chapter 5. Totemistic “Objectification”


Part 2: Radical Totemism and Automatism

Chapter 6. Theogenesis and the Twilight of Machines

Chapter 7. Totem and Xenocracy

Chapter 8. Animal Mummy and the Apparatus-Function

Chapter 9. Anthropomorphization of the Deity

Chapter 10. Apparatus or Weak Totem


Part 3: Totemism and Sculpture: Preliminaries to a Theory of Schizosoma

Chapter 11. Metabolism and Therapeutic Schizosoma

Chapter 12. Pre-oedipality as a “Plastic Phase”

Chapter 13. Excursus: Plasma, Forming, Sculpture [plasma, plassein, Plastik]

Chapter 14. The Statue Delivering Oracles

Chapter 15. The Two-Body Doctrine

Chapter 16. The One and the Many

Chapter 17. Social Sculpture


Part 4. The Labyrinth: General Theory of Schizosoma

Chapter 18. Pasiphae’s Cow

Chapter 19. The Satellite


Part 5. The Four Pre-oedipal Objects

Chapter 20. Failing Equalization and the Emergence of the Complex

Chapter 21. Electrification

Appendix: Solyanka State Gallery: Les Ballets Russes Presents Anti-Electra by Elisabeth von Samsonow


About the Author:

Elisabeth von Samsonow is an artist, writer, curator, and professor of philosophical and historical anthropology at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Two of her books have been translated into English: Transplants and Epidemic Subjects—Radical Ontology.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in philosophy, cultural studies, art, media, gender studies and feminism.


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