Title How to Write a Marketing Plan, 6/e (Creating Success Series)
Subtitle Define Your Strategy, Plan Effectively and Reach Your Marketing Goals
Author John Westwood
ISBN 9780749484835
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Publishing year 2019
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How to Write a Marketing Plan provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful marketing plan: from carrying out a marketing audit, setting objectives and devising budgets to writing, presenting and implementing the plan. With content on producing mini-plans and seizing new opportunities quickly, it also contains the most current information on email marketing, web usage, mobile commerce and social media.

Fully updated for 2019, this 6th edition now features even more practical exercises, useful templates, and top tips to help you develop this all-important business skill. Including helpful chapter summaries and a detailed sample marketing plan, How to Write a Marketing Plan is essential reading for anyone who wants to boost their product or business.

The Creating Success series of books...

Unlock vital skills, power up your performance and get ahead with the bestselling Creating Success series. Written by experts for new and aspiring managers and leaders, this million-selling collection of accessible and empowering guides will get you up to speed in no time. Packed with clever thinking, smart advice and the kind of winning techniques that really get results, you’ll make fast progress, quickly reach your goals and create lasting success in your career.


Key Features:

  • Provides a step-by-step guide to formulating a workable and successful marketing plan
  • Includes up-to-date information on email shots, web usage and e-marketing and social media
  • Is part of the bestselling Creating Success series, which has sold over 1,000,000 copies and contains practical advice on essential and value-adding work skills to help you develop your career
  • Features a free downloadable marketing plan template
  • New to this edition: New and improved practical features to aid learning, including useful templates, top tips, and interactive, reflective exercises



Chapter 1: Introduction • What is selling? • What is marketing? • What is marketing planning? • Stages in the preparation of a marketing plan

Chapter 2: Situation analysis - the marketing audit • The audit of the marketing environment • The audit of marketing activity • The audit of the marketing system • The marketing environment – market research • Internal market research • What is market segmentation? • Information checklist • How to present the figures • Situation analysis • SWOT analysis

Chapter 3: Objectives • What is a marketing objective? • Basic types of product • The product portfolio • Relative market growth rate and share • The market portfolio – increasing available markets • Application selling • Exporting • Gap analysis

Chapter 4: Strategies and action plans • What is a marketing strategy? • Pricing strategies • Customer strategies • Customer relationship management • Key account management • Devising strategies • Action plans

Chapter 5: The distribution plan • Marketing channels • Direct sales • Distribution • Telemarketing • Taking your business online • E-mail/e-marketing • M-commerce • Direct mail • Physical distribution, warehousing and factory location • Customer service

Chapter 6: The advertising and promotions plan • Personnel • Advertising and promotions • Advertising online • The increasing use of PR • Developing your social media strategy

Chapter 7: Costs and budgets • Profit and loss account • Budgeting the cost of a marketing plan

Chapter 8: Writing the plan • Introduction • Executive summary • Situation analysis • Marketing objectives • Marketing strategies • Schedule of what/where/how • Sales promotion • Budgets and the profit and loss account • Controls and update procedures

Chapter 9: Presenting the plan, follow-up and revision • Presenting the plan • Follow-up and revision

Chapter 10:  Mini-plans and quick plans • Product plans • Planning for a new product • Approaches for selected markets • Marketing plans for individual export markets

Appendix: Marketing plan for the UK market

About the Author:

John Westwood has held a wide variety of senior sales and marketing positions and is currently the sales and marketing director of a company in a major multinational group. He is the author of The Marketing Plan, 30 Minutes to Write a Marketing Plan, The Marketing Plan Workbook and Marketing Your Business, all published by Kogan Page.

Target Audience:

This is an essential reading for anyone who wants to boost their product or business. The book will broaden your understanding of the principles of marketing planning. It provides guidance to marketing personnel in putting together an overall marketing plan.


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