Title Frontiers in Optics and Photonics 2011
Subtitle XXXVI OSI Symposium
Author Bishnu Pal, Anurag Sharma, M R Shenoy, Joby Joseph
ISBN 9788130919645
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Description: Frontiers in Optics and Photonics (FOP11) is thirty-sixth in the series of annual symposia­ of the Optical Society of India. This Symposium is being organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, which has significantly contributed to the growth of the field of optics and photonics in several ways since its inception in 1961. This Symposium being organized at IIT Delhi, especially as a part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Institute.

This Book of Abstracts contains one page summary of the papers that are being presented at the Symposium in two plenary sessions, 18 technical sessions and 3 poster sessions, comprising of 4 plenary talks, 40 invited talks, 44 oral presentations and 152 poster presentations. A summary of the keynote address by Christopher Dainty, the President of the OSA is also included. These presentations cover a wide variety of topics from optical design and instrumentation to fiber lasers, sensors and nonlinear optics.

Contents: KEY NOTE ADDRESS :Adaptive Optics in Vision Science • PLENARY TALKS: All-Optical Switching for Quantum Applications • Plasmonics for SERS and NLO Studies • Biophotonics –Studies at RRCAT • Interferometry with broadband Light • ORAL SESSIONS: Optical Instrumentation-I• Optical Networks • Sensors-I• Optical Design -I • Optical Fibers • Sensors-II• Optical Design-II• Fiber Lasers And Amplifiers • Photonic Crystals • Optical Instrumentation- II • Integrated Optics • Optical Fields • Optical System And Applications • Nanophotonics • Holography • Waveguide Devices • Nonlinear Optics • Biophotonics.

About the Editors: M R Shenoy joined the faculty of the Physics Department, IIT Delhi in 1988, where he is currently Professor.  He was a Visiting Scientist with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K., in 1990 for 10 months, and on short-duration visits at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France, in 1992, 1997, 2006 and 2008 for collaborative research on integrated optical devices. He is a recipient of the BOYSCAST Fellowship of DST. Professor Shenoy is an author /co-author of over 60 research papers and is a co-editor of the book Fiber Optics through Experiments (Viva Books, New Delhi, 1994, 2008). He has been involved in several R&D projects on the design and development of guided-wave optical components and devices. His current research interests are in the area of optoelectronic and nonlinear optical devices.

Bishnu Pal is currently a Professor and the Chair of the Physics Department at IIT Delhi since 2008. He has worked as Visiting Professor/Scholar at several Universities and Research Institutions abroad. He has extensive teaching, research, sponsored R&D, book writing and consulting experience on various aspects of optical fiber communication and specialty optical fibers. Prof. Pal has received several honors and awards, some of which were Fellow of OSA The Optical Society (USA), Distinguished Foreign Member of the Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters (Norway), Distinguished Lecturer for 2005–07 of IEEE LEOS (USA), co-recipient of the First Fiber Optic Person of the Year award for 1997 of Lucent Technology in India, Homi Bhabha Award for Applied Sciences of the UGC, and Prof. Y T Thathachari Prestigious Research Award in Physical Science of Bhramara Trust (Mysore). He is a Director at Large of OSA (2009–2011) and a member of OSA’s Long Term Planning Group of Publications (2009–2014).

Anurag Sharma is currently Professor of Physics at IIT Delhi. He has published over 160 research papers in international journals and conferences and co-authored /edited three books. His current research interests are in Fiber & Integrated Optics and Numerical Modelling Techniques. Professor Sharma is a recipient of the S S Bhatnagar award, the Homi Bhabha Fellowship, INSA Young Scientist medal, INSA AK Bose Memorial award, the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship and the Senior Associateship of ICTP. He is a fellow of the Indian National Sciences Academy, Indian Academy of Sciences, National Science Academy of India, Indian National Academy of Engineers and the Optical Society of America.

Joby Joseph is Professor in the Department of Physics, IIT Delhi. He has Ph.D. degree in Physics and M.Tech. degree in Applied Optics from IIT Delhi. He has carried out post-doctoral research at Kobe University, Japan and University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA and has worked as Senior Optical Engineer at Aprilis Inc., MA, USA. Professor Joseph has supervised five Ph.D.  dissertations and more than 50 M.Tech. dissertations. He is co-inventor in  three US patents and has published more than 75 research papers in  international journals. His current research interests are in Photonic Crystals and Applications, 3-D Interference Lithography for Photonic Structure Fabrication, Digital Holography, Optical Data Security,  Holographic Data Storage and Search, and Optical Correlators for Pattern  Recognition. 

Target Audience: Researchers in the area of Photonics

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