Title Dietitian"s Handbook of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, 3/e
Author Annalynn Skipper
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This thoroughly revised and updated Third Edition of a bestselling handbook provides comprehensive coverage of systems approaches to medical nutrition therapy. Designed for graduate nutrition students, dietetic interns, and practicing dietitians, this authoritative handbook provides a solid foundation in and reference to the nutrition support field. Expert contributors present a practical approach to the delivery of parenteral and enteral nutrition. It covers all of the basics—nutritional assessment, nutrition management, monitoring and complications, and formulas, as well as new topics— wound healing, trauma, and critically ill obese patients.

This is the first textbook to fully integrate the Nutrition Care Process into enteral and parenteral nutrition content as specified in the 2008 Commission on Accreditation of Dietetic Education Standard II. The Nutrition Care Process content is updated to reflect changes from the 2011 edition of the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology.

  • Incorporation of the Nutrition Care Process offers the benefit of facilitating teaching more than a charting format or writing a PES statement.
  • The case studies in the Appendix provide examples of how dietitians apply the Nutrition Care Process in common clinical situations that incorporate more than one medical diagnosis. In other words, the examples are based on nutrition problems rather than medical problems and can apply to a variety of educational experiences.
  • Chapters are written by practicing clinicians, thus it provides practical clinical information that dietitians can use in practice.
  • The text also offers current nutrition support practice information which is needed in a world where practice is changing and practice accountability is increasing.


Chapter 1.  Nutrition Support Practice in Context

Chapter 2. Nutrition Screening and Assessment

Chapter 3.  Nutrition Support: Indication and Efficacy

Chapter 4. An Ethics Primer

Chapter 5. Indirect Calorimetry

Chapter 6. Macronutrient Requirements

Chapter 7. Water and Micronutrients

Chapter 8. Nutrition Needs of Neonates

Chapter 9. Unique Nutrient Needs of the Geriatric Patient

Chapter 10. Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis

Chapter 11. Nutrition Support in Liver Disease

Chapter 12. Acute Kidney Injury

Chapter 13. Solid Organ Transplant

Chapter 14. HIV and Cancer

Chapter 15. Burns

Chapter 16. Surgery and Wound Healing

Chapter 17. Trauma

Chapter 18. Nutrition Support for the Critically Ill Obese Patient

Chapter 19. Enteral Feeding

Chapter 20. Parenteral Nutrition

Chapter 21. Nutrition Support in the Acute Care Environment


About the Author:

Annalynn Skipper, PhD, RD, FADA

Annalynn Skipper Ph.D., R.D., FADA, is a consultant devoted to advancing nutrition practice. She has more than two decades of experience as a nutrition support dietitian at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia and at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago where she became Co-Director of a six or seven member multidisciplinary nutrition support team. Annalynn was an early advocate of specialty dietitian certification and became the second dietitian to earn the CNSD when that certification was developed. She has authored dozens of original research and practice papers including her award winning research describing the concepts of advanced dietetics practice as well as directing research into calcium phosphorus composition of parenteral formulas and the incidence and prevention of refeeding syndrome. She has edited and authored books on nutrition support, advanced medical nutrition therapy practice and order writing privileges. An advocate for dietitians, she has served in many volunteer positions including a term on ASPEN’s Board of Directors. She has also served the Institute of Medicine and the American Dietetic Association. She currently serves as a consultant to acute and chronic care facilities across the US, including several of the nation’s most distinguished hospitals.  

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