Title Viva Question Bank - Social Science, Class 10
Subtitle Based on the Latest CBSE Syllabus
Author Dr. Rashmi Sharma
ISBN 9789389166934
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Binding Paperback
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Publishing year 2020
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Solved NCERT In-Text Questions

Solved NCERT Chapter-End Questions

CBSE Questions (upto 2019) with Solutions

Extra Questions for Practice and Evaluation

Map-based Questions for Practice

Viva Question Bank Social Science for Class X is a complete social science guide with solutions designed and developed in accordance with the latest CBSE course structure and NCERT Textbook for Class X. Its objective is to meet the requirements of students taking the Board Examination, by strengthening their conceptual base and offering them fresh insights into the various topics of Social Science. The content of the book has been presented in a Question-Solution format with a logical, systematic and intelligible approach.

Key features:

  • Neatly divided into different units as per the prescribed syllabus
  • Chapter at a Glance in each chapter containing its gist
  • NCERT In-Text Questions (solved)
  • NCERT Chapter-End Questions (solved)
  • Chapter-based Solved Questions in each chapter, based on marking scheme for different question type including

                   Very Short Answer Type Questions

                   Short Answer Type Questions

                   Long Answer Type Questions

  • Questions for Practice and Evaluation
  • Practice maps with solutions in keeping with the preparatory requirements of students
  • Fully solved CBSE Question Paper 2019



Unit-1: India And The Contemporary World-II

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe • The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China*  • Nationalism in India • The Making of the Global World • The Age of Industrialisation • Work, Life and Leisure: Citites in the Contemporary World* • Print, Culture and the Modern World • Novels, Society and History*



Unit-2: Contemporary India-II

Resources and Development • Forest and Wildlife Resources* • Water Resources • Agriculture • Minerals and Energy Resources • Manufacturing Industries • Lifelines of Indian Economy


Political Science

Unit-3: Democratic Politics-II

Power Sharing • Federalism • Democracy and Diversity • Gender, Religion and Caste • Popular Struggles and Movements • Politcal Parties • Outcomes of Democracy • Challenges to Democracy



Unit-4: Understanding Economic Development

Development • Sectors of the Indian Economy • Money and Credit • Globalisation and the Indian Economy • Consumer Rights


Project Work

Disaster Management

Tsunami • Safer Construction Practices • Survival Skills • Alternate Communication System During Disasters • Sharing Responsiblity




About the Author:

Dr. Rashmi Sharma M.A., Ph.D Educational Consultant

Target Audience:

Students of CBSE Social Science class 10.


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