Title Monsoon Postcards
Subtitle Indian Ocean Journeys
Author David H. Mould
ISBN 9780821423714
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Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2019
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Monsoon Postcards is replete with fascinating stories and useful background on far-flung places that most Americans don’t know much about, and Mould, whose expertise is obvious, is an excellent traveling companion. This very good book is at its best when he’s most curious, when he interweaves observations of colorful contemporary life with richly wrought history.“

David Wanczyk


“An illuminating travelogue through Central Asia…. As a genial travel guide, Mould, an academic who doesn’t write like an academic, shows how one should resist the temptations to stereotype a culture too easily and understand it too quickly.”

Kirkus Reviews (Praise for Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia)


“Mould is the ideal author to demystify the region and its people…. (An) accomplished tome that covers topics ranging from culture and politics to history, the environment, economics, and human rights.…VERDICT: With a sense of humor, Mould’s memoir will … stimulate interest in this lesser-known region.”

Library Journal (Praise for Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia)


In Monsoon Postcards, journalist David H. Mould, notebook in hand, traverses the Indian Ocean—from Madagascar through India and Bangladesh to Indonesia. It’s an unpredictable journey on battered buses, bush taxis, auto-rickshaws, and crowded ferries. Mould travels from the traffic snarls of Delhi, Dhaka, and Jakarta to the rice paddies and ancestral tombs of Madagascar’s Central Highlands; from the ancient kingdom of Hyderabad to India’s so-called chicken neck—the ethnically diverse and underdeveloped northeast; and from the textile factories and rivers of Bangladesh to the beaches of Bali and the province of Aceh—ground zero for the 2004 tsunami.

Along the way, in markets, shops, roadside cafes, and classrooms, he meets journalists, professors, students, aid workers, cab drivers, and other everyday residents to learn how they view their past and future. Much like its predecessor, Mould’s Postcards from Stanland, Monsoon Postcards offers witty and insightful glimpses into countries linked by history, trade, migration, religion, and a colonial legacy. It explores how they confront the challenges of climate change, urban growth, economic development, land, water and natural resources, and national and ethnic identity.


List of Illustrations

Chapter 1.Traveling with a Purpose

Chapter 2. Indian Ocean World

Chapter 3. Land of the Merina

Chapter 4. On and Off the Road in Madagascar

Chapter 5. Inexplicable India

Chapter 6. A Tale of Three Cities

Chapter 7. The Seven Sisters

Chapter 8. Joy Bangla (Victory to Bengal)

Chapter 9. Swimming to Bangladesh

Chapter 10. On the Road and on the Water

Chapter 11. Improbable Indonesia

Chapter 12. East of Boston




About the Author:

David H. Mould, professor emeritus of media arts and studies at Ohio University, has traveled widely in Asia and southern Africa as a trainer, consultant, and researcher. He has written articles and essays for many print and online publications. Born in the United Kingdom, he worked as a newspaper and TV journalist before moving to the United States in 1978.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in travel and India.


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