Title Fight Like a Girl, 2/e
Subtitle How to Be a Fearless Feminist
Author Megan Seely
ISBN 9781479810109
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 384
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Publishing year 2019
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“Feeling angry about how women are treated? Fight Like a Girl is perfect for women of all ages, with thoughtful analysis, helpful advice, and useful resources.”

Cindy Pearson, Executive Director of National Women’s Health Network (NWHN)


A blueprint for the next generation of feminist activists

Fight Like a Girl offers a vision of the past, present, and future of feminism. With an eye toward what it takes to create actual change and a deep understanding of women’s history and the key issues facing girls and young women today, Megan Seely offers a pragmatic introduction to feminism. Written in an upbeat and personal style, Fight Like a Girl offers an overview of feminism, including historical roots, myths and meanings, triumphs and shortcomings.

Sharing personal stories from her own experience as a young activist, as a mother, and as a teacher, Seely offers a practical guide to getting involved, taking action, and waging successful events and campaigns. The second edition addresses more themes and topics than before, including gender and sexuality, self-esteem, reproductive health, sexual violence, body image and acceptance, motherhood and family, and intersections of identities, such as race, gender, class, and sexualities.

Fight Like a Girl is an invaluable introduction to both feminism and activism, defining the core tenets of feminism, the key challenges both within and outside the feminist movement, and the steps we can take to create a more socially just world.



The “F-Word”: An Introduction

Chapter 1. Fight Like a Girl

Chapter 2. Catch a Wave

Chapter 3. A Movement for Everyone

Chapter 4. At the Table

Chapter 5. Good Enough

Chapter 6. Knock ’em Up . . . Knock ’em Down

Chapter 7. Fighting Back

Chapter 8. Leading the Way


Appendix A: Timeline and Checklist for Action

Appendix B: Building an Activist Kit

Appendix C: How to Write a Press Release

Appendix D: Guidelines to a Good Media Interview

Appendix E: Guidelines to Creating and Earning Effective Media




About the Author

About the Author:

Megan Seely is Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology at Sierra College in Rocklin, California. She is a prominent feminist activist and was California NOW’s youngest-ever president, serving from 2001–2005.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in sociology, gender studies, feminism, women studies and political science.


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