Title Viva ICSE Mathematics - Model Test Papers, Class 10
Subtitle Based on Latest Examination Pattern of the ICSE
Author Saumyajit Ganguly, Ayushree
ISBN 9789389401349
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 280
Book size 171 x 241 mm
Publishing year 2020
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
Exclusive distributors Viva Books Private Limited
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  • Fully solved ICSE Question Paper-2019, to help students to prepare for examination
  • Fully solved Specimen Paper, to familiarise students with the latest examination pattern
  • 11 solved Model Test Papers, along with approximate marks allocation of different topics
  • 12 unsolved Model Test Papers, to help students assess their conceptual understanding and prepare for upcoming board examination
  • Mock Test Papers, to help students strengthen their exam skills  



  • ICSE Question Paper-2019
  • Specimen Paper
  • Model Test Paper-1
  • Model Test Paper-2
  • Model Test Paper-3
  • Model Test Paper-4
  • Model Test Paper-5
  • Model Test Paper-6
  • Model Test Paper-7
  • Model Test Paper-8
  • Model Test Paper-9
  • Model Test Paper-10
  • Model Test Paper-11


  • Model Test Paper-12
  • Model Test Paper-13
  • Model Test Paper-14
  • Model Test Paper-15
  • Model Test Paper-16
  • Model Test Paper-17
  • Model Test Paper-18
  • Model Test Paper-19
  • Model Test Paper-20
  • Model Test Paper-21

Mock Test Paper-2020


About the Author:

Saumyajit Ganguly, Senior Mathematics Teacher, St. Thomas’ College, Dehradun, Former Senior Faculty Department of Mathematics, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Dehradun.

Ayushree, B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics, PG Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research Masters scholar, University of Dublin (Ireland)

Target Audience:

Students of ICSE mathematics of class 10.


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