Title English B for the IB Diploma
Author Hyun Jung Owen, Mark McGowan, Aaron Deupree
ISBN 9781510446571
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About the book


Develop competent communicators who can demonstrate a sound conceptual understanding of the language.

  • Comprehensive yet flexible coverage of the updated English B Guide ensures that the needs of all IB students at Standard and Higher Level are met.
  • Communicate confidently by exploring the five prescribed themes through authentic texts and skills practice at the right level, delivered in clear learning pathways.
  • Produce coherent written texts and deliver proficient presentations with grammar and vocabulary introduced in context and in relation to appropriate spoken and written registers.
  • Improve receptive skills with authentic written texts, audio recordings spoken at a natural pace, and carefully crafted reading and listening tasks.
  • Promote global citizenship, intercultural understanding and an appreciation of English cultures through a wide range of text types and cultural material from around the world.
  • Deliver effective practice with a range of structured tasks within each unit that build reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.
  • Establish meaningful links to TOK and CAS, and identify learner profile attributes in action.




Theme 1: Social  organization

Unit 1: Social relationships • Population change • Social services • Inequalities •  Literature: Animal Farm

Unit 2: Education • Early years education  • Language and education • Graduation • Literature: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave

Unit 3: Law and order • Crime  • Discrimination and the law • Imprisonment  • Literature: Want You Dead


Theme 2: Experiences

Unit 4: Leisure and holidays • Hobbies • Tourism • Sports • Literature: Notes from a Small Island

Unit 5: Life stories • Professions • Migration • Trauma • Literature: The Kite Runner

Unit 6: Customs and traditions • Traditions • Social norms and taboos • Dress codes and uniforms • Literature: Dead Men’s Path


Theme 3: Identities

Unit 7: Lifestyles • Health • Physical well-being • Mental health • Literature: Wonder

Unit 8: Beliefs and values • Culture (the influence of culture on identity) • Values • Beliefs • Literature: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Unit 9: language and identity • The benefits of bilingualism • English as a global language • Gender and identity • Literature: The Other Hand


Theme 4: Human ingenuity

Unit 10: Artistic expression • Expression through culture • Expression through movement • Expression through images • Literature: Sonny’s Blues

Unit 11: Communication and media • Mobility • Social Media • Entertainment • Literature: The Ballad of the Landlord

Unit 12: Innovation in science and technology • Benefits to society • Privacy • The future • Literature: The War of the Worlds

Theme 5: Sharing the planet

Unit 13: The environment • Green power • Plastic pollution • Climate change • Literature: The Coming Race

Unit 14: Human rights • Freedom of speech • Children’s rights • Women’s rights • Literature: 1984

Unit 15: Globalization • Cultural globalization • trade globalization • Environmental globalization • Literature: Of Mice and Men

Grammar Summary

About the Authors:

Mark McGowan has taught English B, English A and TOK since 1999. He is an IB examiner and workshop leader.

Hung Jung Owen has taught MYP and DP English B over 10 years. She is currently the MYP Coordinator and Senior DP English B teacher at the International School of London.

Aaron Deupree teaches English B for the IB Diploma Program at Leysin American School in Switzerland, where he is also ESL department chair and professional learning coordinator.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for students and teachers of English B for the IB Diploma.


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