Title From Migrant to Worker
Author Michele Ford
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From Migrant to Worker is a great contribution towards understanding migrant worker activism more broadly.”

Robyn Rodriguez, University of California, Davis, author of Migrants for Export


“Michele Ford tells us how trade unions have reacted towards migrant workers in seven major labour importing countries in Southeast and East Asia: did they protect them as workers and include them in their rank and file? The diversity of - often unexpected - outcomes in the seven cases becomes understandable through her thorough analysis of the interaction between explaining variables, such as immigration and labour relations regimes, political opportunity structures, the strength of trade unions, of NGO’s and of the migrants themselves. Such a comprehensive exercise has not been done yet for this region.”

Marinus Penninx, author of Trade Unions and Migrant Workers


What happens when local unions begin to advocate for the rights of temporary migrant workers, asks Michele Ford in her sweeping study of seven Asian countries? Until recently unions in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand were uniformly hostile towards foreign workers, but Ford deftly shows how times and attitudes have begun to change. Now, she argues, NGOs and the Global Union Federations are encouraging local unions to represent and advocate for these peripheral workers, and in some cases succeeding.

From Migrant to Worker builds our understanding of the role the international labor movement and local unions have had in developing a movement for migrant workers’ labor rights. Ford examines the relationship between different kinds of labor movement actors and the constraints imposed on those actors by resource flows, contingency, and local context. Her conclusions show that in countries—Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand—where resource flows and local factors give the Global Union Federations more influence local unions have become much more engaged with migrant workers. But in countries—Japan and Taiwan, for example—where they have little effect there has been little progress. While much has changed, Ford forces us to see that labor migration in Asia is still fraught with complications and hardships, and that local unions are not always able or willing to act.



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Chapter 1. Asia’s Labor Migration and Employment Relations Regimes

Chapter 2. Asia’s Migrant Labor NGOs

Chapter 3. Enter the GUFs

Chapter 4. The GUFs and Migrant Workers in Asia

Chapter 5. Measures of Success





About the Author:

Michele Ford is Professor of Southeast Asian Studies and Director of the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre at the University of Sydney, where she holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. She is the author of Workers and Intellectuals.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in labour and industrial relations & political science.


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