Title Medicine Stories, Revised & Expanded Edition
Subtitle Essays for Radicals
Author Aurora Levins Morales
ISBN 9781478003090
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Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2019
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“A poetic, deeply personal memoir of the intellect and the soul. Aurora Levins Morales embraces genres, political movements, and spiritual awakenings to tell one multifaceted story of a life searching for justice and serenity, in community, in society, and with one’s own body.”

Sarah Schulman

 “Twenty years ago I first read Medicine Stories and had my mind blown by the elegant, virtuosic way
Aurora Levins Morales imagined a theory interweaving childhood sexual abuse survival, Indigenous sovereignty, anticlassism, and deep Latinx queer anticolonial ecological justice. Twenty years later, her analysis is even more rich and full of fruit, revising and expanding her work to encompass Standing Rock and the global fight for water and land liberation, survivorhood, and disability justice. Aurora demands the impossible and the only thing that is possible: everything.”

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, author of Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice

 “Aurora Levins Morales’s work should absolutely be supported. She has an impeccable progressive and visionary politic. Her prose has the literary eloquence of a pure poetry. A necessary and timely read.”

Cherríe Moraga, author of Native Country of the Heart


In this revised and expanded edition of Medicine Stories, Aurora Levins Morales weaves together insights and lessons learned over a lifetime of activism to offer a new theory of social justice. Calling for a politics of integrity that recognizes the complicated wholeness of individual and collective lives, Levins Morales delves among the interwoven roots of multiple oppressions, exposing connections, crafting strategies, and uncovering the wellsprings of resilience and joy. Throughout these twenty-eight essays—twenty-one of which are new or extensively revised—she exposes the structures and mechanisms that silence voices and divide movements. The result is a medicine bag full of techniques and perspectives to build a universal solidarity that is flexible, nuanced, and strong enough to fundamentally shift our world toward justice. Intimately personal and globally relevant, Medicine Stories brings clarity and hope to tangled, emotionally charged social issues in beautiful and accessible language.




Part 1: The Ground on Which I Stand

Chapter 1. Ecology Is Everything

Chapter 2. Bigger Is Better

Chapter 3. My Feminism

Chapter 4. Identity and Solidarity

Chapter 5. The Power of Story

Chapter 6. The Truths Our Bodies Tell


Part 2: The Historian as Curandera

Chapter 7. False Memories: Trauma and Liberation 

Chapter 8. The Historian as Curandera 

Chapter 9. Night Flying: Power, Memory, and Magic 

Chapter 10. What Race Isn’t: Teaching about Racism 

Chapter 11. Raícism: Rootedness as Spiritual and Political Practice 

Chapter 12. The Politics of Childhood


Part 3: Speaking in Tongues

Chapter 13. On Not Writing English 

Chapter 14. Forked Tongues: On Not Speaking Spanish 

Chapter 15. Certified Organic Intellectual 

Chapter 16. Ban Me!


Part 4: Tribes

Chapter 17. The Tribe of Guarayamín

Chapter 18. Taíno Citizenship

Chapter 19. Speaking of Antisemitism

Chapter 20. BDS and Me

Chapter 21. Puerto Ricans and Jews


Part 5: Privilege and Loss

Chapter 22. Class, Privilege, and Loss

Chapter 23. Nadie la Tiene: Land, Ecology, and Nationalism

Chapter 24. Torturers 

Chapter 25. Histerimonia: Declarations of a Trafficked Girl, or Why I Couldn’t Write This Essay


Part 6: The Long Haul

Chapter 26. Building Radical Soil

Chapter 27. Circle Unbroken: The Politics of Inclusion

Chapter 28. Tai: A Yom Kippur Sermon, 5778/2017

A Note From the Author 


About the Author:

Aurora Levins Morales is a Puerto Rican Ashkenazi writer, activist, poet, and visual artist. She is the author of several books, including Kindling: Writings on the Body and Remedios: Stories of Earth and Iron from the History of Puertorriqueñas.

Target Audience:

This book is useful for people interested in disability studies, gender & sexuality, feminism & women’s studies.


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