Title Biosimilars & Biologics
Subtitle Implementation and Monitoring in a Healthcare Setting
Author Steven Lucio
ISBN 9781585285808
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No of pages 192
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Publishing year 2018
Original publisher ASHP - American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (Eurospan Group)
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Get Up to Speed on the Fastest Growing Pharmaceutical Innovation with the Only Guide

Written for Pharmacists

Among the most anticipated and discussed segments of the pharmaceutical market, biosimilars, are finally beginning to exert a greater impact on practice.

But though much has been written about the manufacture and financial benefits of biosimilars, there is little to no practical guidance for pharmacists, directors of pharmacy, and clinicians. And because biosimilars are not identical copies of their biologic reference products, many healthcare professionals have questions and concerns about this new class of therapeutics.


To meet the growing need for information, ASHP has published Biosimilars and Biologics: Implementation and Monitoring in a Healthcare Setting. This authoritative, evidence-based resource provides an in-depth perspective on all areas related to these innovative drugs, including:

  • Legislative/regulatory issues, including the biosimilars act and anticipated FDA guidelines
  • The safety, efficacy, and interchangeability of biologics
  • The science and analytical chemistry associated with the manufacture of biologics
  • Needed pharmacovigilance and adverse effect reporting systems
  • The Financial impacts (cost/reimbursement)
  • Formulary management



Chapter 1: A New Type of Blockbuster: The Growth of Biologics

Chapter 2: Déjà vu or Something New?-Comparing the Generic and Biosimilar Experiences

Chapter 3: Bugs and Drugs, Yeast and Mice, and Chinese Hamsters

Chapter 4: The $250 Billion Pyramid: Analytics in Biosimilarity Determination

Chapter 5: The Global Biosimilars Experience

Chapter 6: The American Biosimilar Experience: Red, White, and Possibly Interchangeable

Chapter 7: Biosimilar Clinical Trail Requirements

Chapter 8: Immunogencity and Pharmacovigilance in the Biosimilar Era

Chapter 9: The Patent Dance and Exclusivity Shuffle

Chapter 10: Defining Biosimilar Value and Other Seemingly Impossible Tasks

Chapter 11: Biosimilar Formulary Management Strategies

CONCLUSION: Biosimilars 2023


About the Author:

Steven Lucio, PHARMD, BCPS

Associate Vice President, Vizient, Irving, Texas

Target Audience:

This book is a practical guidance for pharmacists and clinicians.


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